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Behind Bars - The MixTape Vol. 1


Riyahh (I Ain't Listening)

by Big Tim

Released 2012
Vision Factory
Released 2012
Vision Factory
Ignoring Satan 101: Class is now in session
Riyahh is the second single of Big Tim’s soon to be released “Behind Bars: The Album.” The song reveals many of the tactics Satan uses to distract us. Big Tim shares his personal testimony and directs us to ignore our enemy with confidence. The song is dedicated to moving the listeners toward God’s freedom. Undeniably boisterous, Riyahh will motivate the spirits of anyone who is sick and tired of allowing the enemy to interfere with their life.

Timothy “BIG TIM” Chandler, a rising star in the gospel rap community, has much to say concerning God, the salvation that Christ offers, and the schemes of Satan.

He offers insight into a world that the majority of teens and young adults still have huge questions about. His style is confrontational; it attacks Satan and his strongholds fearlessly. His music, as you can tell from his southern twang, is born from a place deep in his soul. He combines his life experiences with the Word of God to create hit after hit for Christ!

Timothy’s roots are buried in the coastal regions of the South. He was born and raised in Georgetown, South Carolina. He recalls:

“As a single parent, my mother did everything she could to steer me in the right direction. Unfortunately, like many young men growing up in rough neighborhoods, she couldn’t keep me away from the streets and the attractive things the world had to offer. I grew up poor….real poor, so I decided to live life my way and be the man I thought I was supposed to be. As a result, I had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way. But, like the prodigal son, I eventually found my way back to the beliefs she engraved in me.”

The experiences and trials of his life are evident and heartfelt through his music. Raised by his grandmother, who believed whole-heartedly in God and the redemptive love of Jesus Christ, he quickly learned that church would play a huge part in his life. He began playing drums at the age of six and as soon as he was able, served as one of his church’s musicians. Chandler attended the schools of Georgetown County and, against all odds, went on to study Electrical Engineering at Clemson University in Clemson, SC. While there he honed his rap skills.

“By the time I was 12, there wasn’t a whole lot my mom could do to control me. However, she kept me in church and preached the Word to me whether I wanted to hear it or not. I was that person…you know…the one who was in church playing music for the choir on Sunday and running wild the other six days of the week. However, my mother’s loving approach and continual display of faith in me kept me from drifting too far away from the church.”

Misguided, he endeavored to produce unGodly music for those who were living the life he was most familiar with. As he endeavored to tell his stories, he somehow managed to find himself reunited with God while serving in one of the churches there. Today, Timothy serves as co-coordinator, with his wife Deandra, for the young adult ministry at the church they attend in Augusta, GA.

Big will soon be releasing “Behind Bars: The Mixtape” for free distribution. Find him online and join his mailing list for updates. The mixtape allows us to look into the heart and life of Big Tim as a person, artist, son, and husband; most of all, the mixtape introduces Jesus and details the message delivered in The Holy Bible through song.

Following his mixtape, “Behind Bars: The Album” will be released. The album goes deeper into the revelations of God and the applications of his word to everyday life. Big Tim is an aggressor in life and in song; he confronts Satan fearlessly, as directed by God. This becomes evident shortly after becoming a listener of his music. The “Behind Bars” concept speaks partially to the aggressive nature of his lyrics, but primarily speaks to his stance behind his lyrics:
“Rappers write our lyrics in “bars”. My lyrics are what I strive to stand behind 24/7. They reveal the principles I live my life by, and they are like a [prison] cell I never want to leave. I find freedom behind my [lyrics] bars. My music displays this stance.”