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Behind Bars - The MixTape Vol. 1


They Want Me

by Big Tim

Released 2014
Vision Factory (Independent)
Released 2014
Vision Factory (Independent)
The Truth You Won't Admit...
They want me is a single that reaches deep into the depth of what we all know, but maybe won’t admit….We want and need God. Join Big Tim along this ride of vivid depictions of a life in turmoil realizing the key to peace.


Timothy “BIG TIM” Chandler, a rising star in the rap community. As a Christian, he has much to say concerning God, the salvation that Christ offers, and the schemes of Satan.

He offers insight into a world about which the majority of teens and young adults still have huge questions. His style is confrontational; it attacks Satan and his strongholds fearlessly. His music, as you can tell from his southern twang, is born from a place deep within his soul. He combines his life experiences with the Word of God to create hit after hit for Christ!

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Big Tim’s roots are buried in the coastal regions of the South. There he followed the call of the streets and found himself tied up in drugs, violence, and just about anything else that accompanied that life. However, despite his downfalls he has managed to obtain a 4-year college degree, support his wife & child, and become a mentor to those he meets along the way. The experiences and trials of his life are evident and heartfelt through his music.

In 2013, Big Tim released his first Christ-centered mix-tape, Behind Bars…The Mixtape, to a body of fans who were hungry for something honest, street-credible, and descriptive of an individual’s walk in God. Having moved an innumerable amount of units via physical CD and internet distribution, Big’s 13-track mix-tape introduces samples of five of the six singles intended to build anticipation of his debut album “Behind Bars.”